Policies & F.A.Q.


  • Inspect equipment before leaving the store.  Load, unload and secure equipment from rental to time of return.  Driver’s license and local identification are required for all rentals.


  • Responsibility for equipment remains with the lessee from time of delivery or pick up to time of return.  Please be sure equipment is secured when not in use and protected from the weather.  Customer will be charged for misuse, breakage, or damage to equipment.
  • Barron’s Rental will charge for missing or broken items.  Prices vary.


  • All charges are for time out, whether used or not, so make your selections carefully.


  • Equipment pricing is based off of 24  hour (1 day) rental.  Party pricing is called one day, but the rental period is “per event”.  This normally falls on a Friday – Monday.


  • For construction and homeowner rentals, customers who pick up or have delivery on Saturday during store hours (8 AM – Noon) and return by 9 AM on Monday will be charged only for one day of rental.


  • Delivery is available at a nominal fee in our regular delivery area.  Please call us at 706-543-3486 for delivery rates outside of Athens.  Deliveries are made during regular business hours, and must be paid for in advance.  Any delivery or pick up that occurs after our business hours will be subject to after-hours fees.
  • Special racks are provided for your rented china, silverware, glassware, etc. to insure that you receive your items sterilized, undamaged, sparkling, and “table ready”.  Our delivery personnel are instructed to neatly stack all items in a mutually convenient place upon delivery/
  • Delivery prices include set up and break down of tents, dance floors, stages, and tent accessories ONLY. Set up and break down of tables and chairs is the responsibility of the customer.


  • No reservations are taken online or by email.  All reservations must be placed over the phone or in person.
  • For construction equipment, we begin taking reservations on Monday for that current week.  To hold an item, we require your name, phone number, day needed, and expected time of arrival.
  • For party equipment, we require the reservation to be paid for in advance to hold items.  If the reservation is for over $1000, we require that at least 50% of that is paid up front to hold everything on the reservation.  Once an order has been placed, and the first payment is made, we do not accept cancellations and we do not issue refunds for cancelled items.
  • Barron’s Rental accept cash, check and major credit cards.


  • We invite you to visit our showroom and store located at 340 Hawthorne Avenue, Athens, GA 30606.  Within our showroom, we have on display many samples of linens, tables, and place settings.
  • Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 5 PM and Saturday from 8 AM – Noon.
    • Closed Sundays






If I reserve 20 tables, and then end up only needing 15, can I cancel those 5 tables and get a refund?

  • No.  According to our reservation policy, once an order is placed we do not accept cancellations, and we do not refund for unused items.  The reason behind this is, once you have this order placed we tell anyone else looking for those items they are not available.  If another customer wanted to use the same items on that date, they would not be able to because you have them held.  If you decide you don’t need the items, we would lose the rental on your item as well as the potential rental from the other customer who could have used it.
  • If you are between guest counts, or you just aren’t sure, start with the lower/definite number and then add to the order once your numbers firm up.  We can keep adding to your order as long as we have the items available.


Do your prices include set up of the tables and chairs?

  • No.  Prices for tables and chairs are for the item only.  Our delivery rates are only for dropping off items in an organized manner.  Most set up and break down is handled by the caterer.  If that is not an option for you, and you really need us to set up your items, we charge an additional fee.  Those fees are determined by the number of items, the time of year, and location.


I don’t know how many boxes of sugar I need for the cotton candy machine.  If I don’t use a box, can I return it?

  • Yes!  Any unopened or unused merchandise can be returned and refunded at full price.  This includes concession merchandise, like cotton candy, cones, popcorn, syrups, etc., as well as construction merchandise, like blades, buffing pads, sand paper, and nails.


Is there anyone there who can load this piece of equipment for me?

  • Yes!  We have lots of strong men and women to help load and unload party and construction equipment.  Meet our team!


I’ve broken one of my glasses, how much will that cost me?

  • Fees for breakages will vary depending on which item it is.  Most glasses will be between $3-6 to replace, plates between $10-15, and linens between $30-40.   Broken construction equipment will be charged based off the cost of parts.


What size tent do I need?

  • Click here!  We’ve broken down how we calculate tent sizes in this inspiration post.


I rented a floor buffer yesterday, but it’s really not what I need.  I didn’t use it, but I kept it for a day.  Can I get a refund?

  • No.  Once a piece of equipment has left our store, that piece of equipment is considered rented and used.  Also, that piece of equipment while it is rented to you is unavailable to anyone else who needed it.
  • We are charging for time out of the store, not the amount of time the machine is used.


I am sending someone to pick up the equipment for me, how does that work?

  • We will require identification on any person who physically takes the equipment, as well as the person who is financially responsible for the equipment.
    • The person financially responsible is also the one who is responsible for any damages or missing items.
  • Give us a call to reserve and prepay for the equipment, as well as let us know who will be stopping by to pick up.  Let the person picking up know they will need to provide us with an ID.


I have a construction business, can I open a line of credit with you?

  • Yes!  We have a credit application available for business who would like to open a line of credit with us.  Terms are Net 30, and we do require references as well as current credit information.
  • Contact brenda@barronsrental.com about the application, or call us a 706-543-3486


Is there a questions here we haven’t answered?  Shoot us an email!








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