Pole Tent vs. Frame Tent

How do you know whether you will need a pole tent or frame tent, and what is the difference?

1) Concrete/Asphalt or Grass?  If if is grass, are there any power/water/gas lines in the area?  Do you have permission to stake this space? 2) Budget?  A pole tent is usually less expensive than a frame tent, unless you start adding on items like pole drapes.  A pole tent has 2-3x as many poles as a frame and we charge per drape. 3) Do you have a rain plan, and does that plan include adding a second tent? 4) What size tent are you needing?  Not all sizes are available in both styles. Frame tents start at 20’ x 20’ and go all the way up to a 50’ x 100’.  Pole tents start at 40’ x 40’ and go all the way up to a 40’ x 100’.  I will start with a 40’ x 40’ as an example, since both styles share that size.  
40’ x 100’ = $2960.00 40’ x 100’ = $3280.00
Exterior Pole Drapes = $560.00 Pole Drapes = $320.00
Center Pole Drapes = $120.00 Center Pole Drapes = Does not apply
Each pole (28 exterior and 4 interior) MUST be staked into the ground. Each pole (16 exterior) will not need to be staked, but can be.  If staking is not an option, we can weigh down the tent with concrete blocks covered in white vinyl.
Pole tents can not be connected to any other tent. Frame tents can be connected together to create a larger space.  
Will need a 55’ x 115’ space or larger to accommodate the tent and stakes. Will need 55’ x 115’ space or larger to stake tent or 45' x 105' to anchor the tent with cement blocks.
4 center poles to work around. No obstructions.
No framework shown on interior Can see interior frame.  Can be covered with liner for additional cost.
Total = $3640 Total = $3600
The difference between these two tents with pole drapes would be $40.00.  The price difference between the two tents PLAIN would be $320.00.
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