What Size Tent Do I Need?

When deciding what size tent you need, there a multiple factors that you will need to consider to get a final size. The first questions you will need to ask yourself are:

1.  Where would the tent be set up?
2.  Are there any size restrictions for that area?
3.  Is the tent going on concrete/asphalt, or on grass?

Once you have an idea of where it is going and the maximum size allowed in your space, we can narrow down by some more factors.

1.  How many guests are you expecting?
2.  If you are expecting 120 guests, will they all be seated at once or will it be more a cocktail style reception with standing and seating?
3.  Are you wanting a dance floor or a space for dancing?
4.  A band?
5.  A DJ?
6.  Bar?
7.  Buffet tables or food stations?
8.  A table for a guest book, gifts, guest favors?
9.  Anything else that needs to be covered?

I’m going to use a sample event to show how I would calculate the correct size tent for that event.

  • Guest count: 120
    - Reception style: Mixed reception, cocktail style
    - Band or DJ: Band, will require a stage
    - Dancefloor space?: Yes, about a 16’ x 16’ space
    - Extra tables: Pedestal tables for standing, buffet, bar, guest book & favor table, gift, and a cake table

Since I am having a mixed style reception, I want to seat about 75% of the total guests. That will be seating for 90 people @ 5’ round tables which seat 10 each. For the buffet, check with your caterer to see what they will be needing. For this example, we will use (3) 8’ tables for the buffet and (2) 8’ tables for the bar. We will need (1) 4’ round for the cake table, (1) 4’ round for the gift table, (1) 8’ long for the guest book & favor table, and around (6) pedestal tables for standing around. The band requires a 12’ x 16’ stage to perform on, and we also need a 16’ x 16’ dance floor to dance on. So far, what we need space for will be:

(9) 5’ round tables with chairs
(6) pedestal tables
(6) 8’ banquet tables
(2) 4’ round tables
12’ x 16’ stage
16’ x 16’ dance area

We want to figure out how many square feet we need. Each large table will need approximately 100 square feet, and each pedestal table will need approximately 25 square feet.

(9) 5’ round tables with chairs x 100 = 900
(6) pedestal tables x 25 = 150
(6) 8’ banquet tables x 100 = 600
(2) 4’ round tables x 100 = 200
12’ x 16’ stage = 192
16’ x 16’ dance area = 256

Total square feet needed = 2298

Your next step, is to give us a call! Let us know how many square feet you will need. We will have a tent size that is close to that need, or slightly larger/smaller. In this example, my closest matches are: 30’ x 75’ (2250 square feet), 40’ x 55’ (2200 square feet), 40’ x 60’ pole (2400 square feet), or a 40’ x 70’ (2800 square feet). I personally would go with one of the larger ones, since I like having extra space under a tent. If you are concerned about budget, go with a size on the smaller side of your needs. A smaller tent will be less expensive, and you can remove a few pedestal tables or a gift/favor/etc table.

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