pole tent with cafe at the hillpole tent with cafe at the hill

Drapes for Pole Tent [Exterior]

$30.00per day


Pole drapes are white linens that cover the aluminum legs of the tent.  Pole tents have poles around the outside of the tent, as well as 1-4 through the center of the tent.  Find the interior pole drapes here.

Each size tent will have a different number of pole drapes, since they have different number of poles.  To find out how many poles your tent has, check out the list below and add the number of pole drapes that correlate with your tent size.

  • 20′ x 30′ pole tent  –  24
  • 40′ x 40′ pole tent  –  16
  • 40′ x 60′ pole tent  –  20
  • 40′ x 80′ pole tent  –  24
  • 40′ x 100′ pole tent  –  28
  • 40′ x 120′ pole tent  –  32

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