Barreto TrencherBarreto Trencher

Walk-Behind Trencher

$200.00per day$800per week

Rental comes with trailer.  Need 2″ ball to tow.

  • Digs 24″ deep x 6″ wide trench
  • All hydraulic- no belts, gears or chains
  • Low center of gravity provides stability
  • Simple and understandable control panel
  • Variable speed drive allows the operator to adjust their wheel speed to the soil conditions
  • 4 hour rental rates available on this machine – please call

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Product Details


This machine is designed for digging trenches in "normal" ground of reasonably soft dirt and stones up to 6" in diameter.  Ground with larger stones, very hard packed, very dry, or in frozen condition may be unsuitable for normal trenching.  Consider using a backhoe or heavier equipment for such conditions. Fuel Type - Gasoline

  • Trench Depth24 in
  • Trench Width6 in
  • EngineHonda
  • Gross Power Rating13 hp
  • Forward Ground Speed180 ft/min
  • Reverse Ground Speed90 ft/min
  • Weight900 lbs
  • Transport Width35 in